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This original airplane seatbelt has flown millions of miles up in the skies. 

After a certain lifespan, airplane seatbelts are replaced because the fabric does not fulfill safety requirements anymore. Instead of them adding to landfill, we recycle them, turning them into a new, innovative product, a keychain holder.

One purpose -
many colors

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With the recycled keychain holder, you come home and simply click your keys into the airplane seatbelt buckle and you can rest assured that you will no longer waste your time searching for them. The seatbelt, which serves the purpose of protecting the wall from the metal, is available in a variety of colours.

"Innovative, high quality and ecological.
Absolutely loving my new keychain."

— Lauren Caris Short • Photographer • That’s Sage

"Want the feeling of boarding a plane
every day? Get your keychain today."

— Phil Döbeli • Founder of FREE ONE


Function over design?
Why not both?

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Think local -
act global

To do even more for the earth and the people living on it than recycling airplane seatbelts, we have decided to support the following organizations.

For every keychain holder you purchase we will donate $1 to Plastic Oceans, a fantastic organization committed to educating and engaging everyone in a conversation to rethink plastic.

In addition, our keychain holders are manufactured by hand by Pigna, a working and living center for people with disabilities near Switzerland’s main airport.

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